I'm a visual artist and educator - I've shown internationally in both solo and group shows, including the Elmhurst Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Steven Zevitas Gallery in Boston, Haw Contemporary in Kansas City, Elizabeth Houston Gallery and Sideshow Gallery in New York, 101 Exhibit and Scope in Miami. 

I am currently not interested in being represented by a gallery
I do sell my work either by reaching out to me directly - or online here

Please don't purchase any of my work from the C*rb*ra Gallery - as they purchased my work at a special event to offer affordable art to those who couldn't afford art otherwise. They are now offering them for resale at a mark up.  When I called them out - they sent me a cease and desist letter.  
My partner Stephanie Dueñas and I make Art Slice, which is an irreverent and alternative look at Art and Art History.
Thank you!
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